Friday, 30 November 2012

Shilpa Shetty Fitness Secrets Yoga

* The Perfect 10 girl has what it takes simply by her diet and exercises. Shilpa swears by yoga. She even teaches yoga, she is that kind of expert in it.

* She strictly adheres to her yoga routine. She is aware how yoga enhances concentration, how body maintains its flexibility and agility. With practice, the postures will improve and breathe control will be effortless. She uses yoga to release stress and tension and to increase vitality.

* She knows how to maintain a perfect blend of exercises and how to maintain the female figure that is accentuated by curves. At 33, she may not be getting any younger, but to look at her and her skin glowing, you would not believe she is 33.

* Surprisingly, she loves eating out and goes for Chinese and Japanese food. But careful that she is, she does not go beyond sashimi or seaweed salad. She might add black cod and some sou.

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